Basis Calculator

What is this?

This program will calculate the basis for all of the reported livestock auctions in the state of Missouri.

How is the basis calculated?

The basis will be shown as a monthly average: by using the auction location, type, and size of calf that you specify against the futures contract that you select. It is figured by averaging the basis on the days of each sale.

What criteria do I need to specify?

In order to discover the basis at a particular auction and for a specific type and size of calf, you will be asked (on three different pages) seven questions. The boxes for these questions are dynamically populated to avoid receiving null information.

  1. On the first page of questions you will be asked to select the Livestock Auction, type of calves (steers or heifers), and the futures contract type (Feeder Cattle, Live Cattle, or Stockers).
  2. On the second page of questions you will be asked to specify the month and year of sales for that particular auction
  3. The third page requires you to specify the weight range (in fifty-pound increments) of the calves you are interested in. Also you must select the delivery month and year (i.e.January, 1996) for the futures contract that you specified earlier from a list of all contracts that were trading at the time of the cash sales.

What do I get returned?

  • The output page will display all of the criteria that you specified, the total number of calves that met your criteria and was used to calculate the basis, an average price for the month, and of course an average basis for the particular month.
  • The details page provides the data and calculations used to calculate the basis.
  • The Auction page displays information about the specific Livestock Auction you specified. Included is the address, telephone #, names of the Owner/Manager, and sale days.

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